This gallery is a collection of photographs created using the 'stacking' approach that blends together a set of images that all have slightly different 'focus points' in order to obtain an enhanced (extended) depth of field.
For more detailed information on this method - please click here > Focus Stacking < which will take you to my recent blog article on this topic.

All shots were captured using the Nikon 105mm 2.8 VR Micro (macro) lens and "stacked" in either Photoshop CS5, or Zerene Stacker software.
Tulip (Tulipa) - Liliaceae"Rococo" Parrot Tulip (Tulipa) Liliaceae - 56x StackBlood Iris (Iris Sanguinea) - IridaceaeSwarovski Crystal & Enamel Broach - 66x StackHoya Carnosa (Asclepiadaceae) - 37x StackCrimson Tulip Centre (Tulipa) - LiliaceaeHybrida x Dahlia (Asteraceae) - 13x StackVerigated Leaf With Water Droplets - 37x StackPurple "Foxtrot" - Double Tulip (Tulipa) Liliaceae - 52x StackWhite Dahlia (Asteraceae) - 52x Stack